A Speech On The United States

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In today’s society technology revolves around everything even in the union. Within the United States, President Obama gave a speech to the union about advancing America’s economy and making America a better place to live and how he plans to do so with the senate’s agreement. In defense, President Obama, in this speech is a technology optimist because he puts the idea that he wants to use the new technology to advance the society in a good way to help people in need and for a better nation. Some of Obama’s assertions were about working on being more efficient, becoming independent in energy, solving the job issue, education, and Healthcare.
In the speech, he talks about being more efficient. What he means is to make the current system better. The system is the way the government works and how social classes are made. This is from how much someone makes by hourly, or by salary, to how much that person pays for taxes and where the taxes are being used. He also mentions making the educational system more efficient because of the issue that there is not enough funding for it and it is important to get a good education to start a good life ("The 2014 State of the Union."). An example of being more efficient would be going from a gas guzzling car to an electric car for lesser carbon emissions and a better fuel alternative (Horn 215). In the book, under the article “Roadmap to the Electric Car Economy”, “for the last hundred years, the U.S. economy has continued to depend on the…
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