A Spiritual Leader Of A Congregation

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This paper as a spiritual leader of a congregation will identify the writer 's personal theological, philosophical, and theoretical model for working in a local ministry community, along with a plan for providing ministry as a pastor in a local congregation.
The writer will begin by defining the words theological, philosophical, and theoretical to obtain a better understanding of the models to apply them in the local ministry community. Theological model according to Howard Stone, "is a belief, conception, or study of God." (8) Stone also mentions that "Theology relates to studies of faith, church, and ministry. It is a process of thinking about, developing, and stating an understanding of the meaning of faith in the Christian message of God." (140) Erickson emphasizes, "basic definition of theology is the study or science of God. Theology will also seek to understand God 's creation, particularly human beings and their condition, and God 's redemptive working in relation to humankind." (8) The writers ' theological model for the local ministry community is to design a teaching regime of the understanding of God using handouts, a portable board, definitions of terms, biblical maps, and a book other than the Bible to help simplify the study of God. The Bible says in Proverbs 4:7, "The beginning of wisdom is: Acquired wisdom; and with all your acquiring, get understanding." In other words, all the information the writer teaches, the congregants should walk away understanding…
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