A Split Between People During The World

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Division within Pacific Rim During times of crisis, there is still a division. This division is the idea of a split between people during an apocalypse. This idea is known as Marxism. Marxism is the analysis between the working class, which is the majority of the population, and the rich class, which is the minority of the population. Marxism is used to analyze history through social and economical views to better understand about the differences in the world. A prime example of Marxism is the movie Pacific Rim. Pacific Rim is a monster story that shows humanity pitting against monsters known as Kaijus. Humans of this movie united together to make Jaegers in order to get rid of the Kaijus. Fighting these monsters is shown as an apocalypse, however during these times, we can still see a split between people. Through the lens of Marxism, Pacific Rim portrays it through the social hierarchy and lifestyle of people within the community during an apocalypse. The working class which is the majority of the population must work to make a living. Without work, they will not be able to stay alive during the apocalypse. Throughout Pacific Rim, workers must work hard in order to stay alive. At the beginning of the movie, Raleigh was a pilot for the Jaeger (Pacific Rim). After tragic events, Raleigh was forced to quit being a pilot and went to work for building the wall (Pacific Rim). “Yeah a man in my position....travels with the wall, chasing shifts to make a living” (Pacific Rim).

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