A Spring Morning at Grandma’s Antique Shop Essay

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The sun catches on the many colors of transparent glass: Forest green, cobalt blue, peachy pink, and amber yellow forms a surrealistic prism around the room. In the swirling colors, Victorian dolls dance. This is the image that comes to mind when I think of a spring morning at Grandma’s Antique Shop.

Gravel crunches as I walk toward the old gray house. Above the steps is a baby blue sign that reads "Todd's Treasures," a hoe and rake form a pyramid over the sign. The steps are wooden and give gently with each quick step I take. The sleigh bells on the door jingles as I open it calling, "Hello Grandma." My voice echoes and Grandma says hello from wherever she is, usually the desk.

The smell of cinnamon gently envelops me as I step
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In the window behind the desk are things that are not for sell; these are the most treasured of "Todd's Treasures," and any family members who visit are sure to study each item. A poster that once hung in the Post Office, where Grandma's Grandmother worked, proclaims "Davis Auction Bulletin." In a small frame is a dirty red, white, and blue ribbon on it is "July 4,1912 Veteran 1861-65." This ribbon was awarded to my Great Great Great Grandfather, a confederate veteran on the fourth of July in 1912. A yellowed newspaper clipping states "Game Warden wounded in gun battle." A black and white photograph of an old black couple is sitting in the windowsill, and a large black and white picture of a family reunion sits hangs on the wall.

Near the desk are two chairs, where you can sit and talk to Grandma. Down the middle of the room are three wash stands. On the back one, is a gold Candelabra with angels who hold crystals. Jewelry, pocket watches, arrowheads, old coins, confederate bills, and a tin top are in the display case. On top of it is a tin toy train. It is painted yellow, green, blue and red. Behind the display case, are boards where necklaces and earrings hang.

Most of the shelves in this room contain glass items. There are milk white pieces throughout the room; they were produced through the 50's and into the 70's by a potting company in Ohio. There is a beautiful collection of panel grape; grapevines grow all over the white panels of

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