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A Stalemate on the Western Front A stalemate formed on the Western Front due to four main reasons, one being that the Schlieffen plan had failed, another reason was that the French were defeated by the Germans at the Battle of the Marne, the "race to the Channel" was another factor that resulted in the stalemate and the last reason was that defending positions was far easier than attacking.

The Schlieffen Plan began to fail when Moltke, the German commander, altered the balance of the forces so that the right wing had three times as many troops as the left wing and as the right wing was smaller it advanced considerably slower
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The German troops then had to march more than 30km every day so by early September they were exhausted. As the Schlieffen plan was failing miserably the German troops lost a great ammount of morale, however, the German army continued until they were only 40km away from Paris. Unfortuanately, by the River Marne the British and French troops were blocking their way.

The French were unable to defeat the Germans at the Battle of the Marne as; firstly no matter how ill spirited the German army was, they were still well prepared and larger than the French army. The German army were also better equipt as they possesed far more munitions than the British and French. Joffre, the French comander-in-chief, did, however, manage to form troops on the east side of Paris, unfortuanately the troops were incerdiably tired and weak so did not provide a great ammount of service. Both sides began to dig themselves into their ares by building trenches to make defensive positions, these soon formed a stalemate. Lastly the French were unable to defeat the Germans completely as both sides did not have a strategy or plan. As the Schlieffen plan had failed France were not clear on what was going on.

To try and and attack from stable positions by getting round the back of each other both sides (Germany against Britain and France) had a "race".
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