A Standard Operating Procedure ( Sop )

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This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) sets forth the Policies and Procedures of the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), Office of Strategic Planning (OSP) Innovation Process.
This SOP applies to all initiatives piloted through the OSP Innovation Process, which have received formal approval through the VBA Transformation Governance Board (GB).
It is the policy mission of the OSP to promote and facilitate initiatives, which will lead to strategic and operational improvements throughout VBA business lines. These initiatives must receive prior approval through the GB and be conducted in a fiscally responsible manner.
4.1 Process Innovation – Process innovation is the process of creating efficiencies in practices and procedures, which permits the agency to allocate both tangible and human resources advantageous way possible.
4.2 Partnership Innovation – Partnership innovation is the development of new associations with individuals from the private sector, NGOs, academia, and other government agencies with the intent of collaborating in order to achieve desired outcomes.
4.3 Operational Research – Operational research is the coordinated collection of information, which produces quantifiable data that assists in the identification of problems. This process includes 1) Proposing a hypothesis 2) Testing the hypothesis 3) Data Collection 4) Data Sharing
4.4 OSP Innovation Process - The VBA Innovation process is a fixed or…
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