A Start For The End. My Personal Response To The Langston

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A Start for the End My personal response to the Langston Hughes poems is very inspiring. Langston Hughes writes about the struggles of the working minority, people that are suffering from unfair labor and discrimination. His impact is so real and positive that it is almost impossible to have no response. He poured his life into these poems and that is clearly noticeable. Hughes’s poems were a start for the end. Hughes’s first poem is “Open Letter to the South”. He starts off with saying “White workers of the South” by this he is modeling his poem after a letter and he is addressing whom his audience is. At the begging of the next stanza, he addresses himself as a black worker that is extremely hard working. As the poem progresses he hits…show more content…
From the beginning of the pome the twenty-two year old student beings to question if it is really going to be that easy. There is a sense of irony and some sarcasm in this poem. At the beginning of the third stanza, the student says, “It’s not easy to know what is true for you or me.” When he says this, I believe that he is trying to say how can something be written so meaningful when he is black and his professor is white. He believes that his professor will not understand where his page is coming from because the world is in the middle of a racial discrimination battle. The student does have a point so he chose to write like this and let his professor know how he really honestly feels, which is what the professor asked for. I believe that this poem was one of the strongest ones because it really touches on how black students can feel. It gives us an insight on what they could have experienced. This poem provokes a lot of sadness. A black student was afraid to write a page about anything because he thought his white professor would not be able to comprehend it. The theme of this poem is that two people can learn from each other not matter the ethnicities. I feel like this was a real learning experience for the professor and the student. The biggest question I have about this poem is how the professor reacted to this student’s page. Was he impressed, mad, or did he even feel guilty

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