A Startup Company : The Development And Application Of Critical Thinking Skills

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Brendan Fagan April 13, 2015 E-Commerce Entrepreneurship Dyreson A Startup Company: The Development and Application of Critical Thinking Skills Intro My enrollment in E-Commerce was the perfect junction of two of my top interests: private study and business. I found that E-Commerce was going to provide me with the sense of what the entrepreneurial life was like. Simply put, it was me putting my foot in the door of the business world. Taking a thought from my imagination and building it into its own business was all the more enticing.Heading into my junior year, I had no real vision of what I wanted to pursue outside of Farmington High School. I opened up to many different subjects; some that were interesting and some that were far…show more content…
But I still was not knowledgeable enough in key areas of entrepreneurship, including the financial and management aspects. I expected this minimal amount of knowledge to be an issue, as I had not yet tested my skills in a business class before. In the summer following my sophomore year, I spent three weeks at a Brown University summer camp which taught entrepreneurial skills. It was at this camp where my interests shifted towards business. As the school year approached, my sister couldn’t stop telling me how much I was going to enjoy the class. We talked through many ideas that had come to mind over the summer months. I knew that along with the extended freedom that the course offered, I would have to work extremely diligently to meet all of the deadlines. In the end, I knew that taking the entrepreneurial course was vital for my education outside of the high school, as well as my path outside of college. Entrepreneurship During the first few months of the school year, the class worked together to complete assignments that helped us understand what it truly means to be an entrepreneur. One assignment we had was to create a podcast where we compared multiple people off of the Forbes 35 Under 35 list. This was a list of 35 entrepreneurs who had “made it big” by the age of 35. We looked at what their products and services were, and openly discussed their importance as well as their innovation.My biggest takeaway from this assignment was how each person had the ability
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