A State And Federal Program

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Introduction and Program Definition
This is a state and federal program whose objective is to better the health of women, children, youth, and entire families and communities, while paying emphases on health inequities and the systems and policies that contribute to family health (Handler, 2015). This program focuses on issues which affect women of child bearing age, children, adolescents, as well children with special health care needs (Handler, 2015). Maternal and Child programs work to address health promotion issues across the lifespan of individuals and families. It is noted that if emphasis on proper health care is placed on preconception, pregnancy and early childhood, the nation is along a path for lifelong wellness. These include preventive health care and prenatal health practices to help mothers find appreciate care during pregnancy. This care can include health practices before, during and after pregnancy, improvement in diet, cessation from alcohol, tobacco and illegal substances. This program also improves and provides health awareness of specific child development milestones and behaviors, as well as economic self- sufficiency programs among women (Fraser. 2012). Good structuring of public maternal and child programs can preserve, protect and promote children’s health and well-being and build a foundation for lifelong health and learning.
How Addressed By ACA
The Affordable Care Act is very much in support of the public maternal and children program
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