A Statement For An Individual Business Unit

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organization, this statement of commitment begins with the CEO. For an individual business unit, individual managers can begin the change in culture by stating in clear and unambiguous terms that innovation is valued. The effective manager must commit resources to supporting innovation and the implementation of a changed perception of the value of innovation to the organization. Innovation, or change, for its own sake is not sufficient. The intent of the innovation effort must be made clear. It is not enough to say, “To be the premier research facility...” One must create an easily articulated message that embodies the strategic direction that the principal innovation is sought in. An example might be “Leading the way towards cybersecurity for the Nation”. The statement combines a statement of purpose with an aspiration. Slogans, posters, etc. have limited value in R&D organizations especially since that approach tends to imply that it is the employee that is at fault.
Change must be measureable in order to be sustainable in the face of other organizational pressures. A program to promote innovation must establish meaningful metrics as discussed in Chapter 5. Those metrics will relate in a fundamental, traceable way to the aspirational vision statement for the strategic innovation focus. Note that the development of quantitative data that confirms or refutes the efficacy of the approach will take time. Innovation takes years. A typical approach would be management by
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