A Statement Of Problem / Opportunity / Purpose Of Plan

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A. Statement of Problem/ Opportunity/ Purpose of plan: Stacy Schwartzberg is an independent contractor for a clothing company called, CAbi. Her primary problem is that she needs help marking outside of her circle of friends. Right now, Stacy mainly uses word of mouth marketing to market her trunk show events and she would like for me to find some other alternatives for her to market her events to people outside of her circle. B. Company Background: Carol Anderson has always had a love for the fashion industry. She moved from Omaha to Los Angeles where she had the opportunity to design for Nordstrom, her clothing quickly became a beloved brand by many, giving her a loyal customer following in stores across America. As the fashion and retail industry began to change Carol felt like she had limited creative freedom and decided to take her loyal following and build a brand of her own, Carol Anderson by Invitation (CAbi). She wanted to build this company around the concept of the consultant selling clothing in the comfort of customer’s own homes. She had a vision of building an opportunity for women that was centered around fun and fashion, while also serving as a real career where women could build a substantial business and call their own shots. C. Mission / Vision / Values CAbi’s Mission: To create an exceptional and unique wardrobe solution sold in both an engaging home and digital environment by independent fashion stylists who, in turn, are provided with an even
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