A Step Beyond Human By Andy Greenberg

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There are a thousand different forms of technology. Some are more advanced than others, but most of them are meant to benefit our daily lifestyles. In the article “Can Technology Help Us Put an End to Animal Experimentation” written by George Dvorsky he explains how our upgraded technology is helping with the elimination of animal testing in today’s science. “A Step Beyond Human” by Andy Greenberg tells an inspiring story of how through a devastating accident a gentleman used technology to better himself and others like him. Although each of these articles vary in context, their use of technology seems to be the same. Through the progression of technology, we are bettering the quality of life with enhanced programs, ample amount of research, and a dedicated amount of time.
The great part of technology is there is always room for progression. As a universe we grow to learn each new system as they come about. Most of these new alternatives that are emerging are coming from the fields of biotechnology, hi-res scanning, and computer science (Dvorsky, 2012, pg. 525). Instead of using animal test subjects, they are able to use the upcoming technology from these fields to better the life of the animals. They are now using cell based in-vitro models allowing them to test anything from toxicity of drugs, to chemicals, and even cosmetics (Dvorsky, 2012, pg. 525). Scientist have even gone as far as developing a lab grown liver that is used to break down chemicals (Dvorsky, 2012, pg.…
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