A Step Toward Improvement Of Women 's Rights

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A Step toward Improvement Women’s rights have been progressing in the United States thanks to leaders such as Alice Paul, Rosa parks, and Sojourner Truth. Alice Paul, founder of The National Women’s Party fought for women’s suffrage. Rosa Parks, known as "the mother of the freedom", was an African-American civil rights activist. Sojourner Truth delivered a speech known as “Ain’t I a Woman” which talks about inequities for women. These women have allowed their ideas on equal rights to influence the United States for generations to come. Women’s rights are significant because being viewed as an equal is a big step toward society advances in many fields and decrease the inequality between men and women. Alice Paul, Rosa Parks, and…show more content…
Another great leader of woman’s suffrage who happened to be white is Alice Paul, founder of the Nation Woman’s Party (NWP). Alice Paul was a major chair, along with Lucy Burns as they formed the NWP in 1915. Alice decided to form the National Woman’s Party after withdrawing from the National American Woman Suffrage Association to take a broader approach toward woman’s support. The NWP fought for the right to vote, for example, the NWP picketed in front of the White House to publicly embarrass Woodrow Wilson. “Ms. Paul choose the day before Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration, since Washington would be filled with visitors from all over the country. When Mr. Wilson reached Washington and found the streets bare of any welcoming crowds, he is said to have asked where the people were; he was told they were over on Pennsylvania Avenue, watching the woman’s suffrage parade” (Flexner, 1975). This means that people were noticing women as more than just housekeeper, moreover people came to Paul’s parade as opposed to greeting the president as he came to Washington for his inauguration. Alice Paul’s goal of the picketing was to have President Woodrow Wilson support a Constitutional amendment giving all American women suffrage, or the right to vote. One of the signs that were picketed had the saying, “Mr. President, How long must woman wait for liberty?”
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