A Step to the Future

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I always enjoyed the thrill that came from watching action-packed films and not knowing what to expect. To become an actor would mean so much in the aspect that I can truly say I am living my dream. Although the life may seem glamorous, it is a very difficult field to get in and requires dedication and motivation in order to be sucessful.

When I first did my actual stage performance, I then realized I definately wanted to be an actor. I portrayed the character, Doctor William Chumley, the Psyciatrist, in the play: Harvey -- a comedy of sorts. Days and days of rehearsal and hours of memorizing lines. Though some would think it's a waste of time, I clearly enjoyed every minute of it because it was the feeling of accomplishing something unique. The sudden rush of gratitude when you say a funny phrase and the audiance bursts out with laughter is a satisfaction that can't be manufactured or bought.

The one good thing about being unique is that there is no other peson on this earth that has the same personalities. The many friends I have and the many enemies I have can all agree on one simple fact about me: I'm the weirdest person one could ever meet. Some may frown upon that discovery but I embrace it because it is that authentic personality that makes people laugh, and enjoy my company. I absolutely love entertaining people which is why I am dedicated to becoming an actor.

To become an actor, one would have…
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