A Stone's Throw

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A Stone’s Throw LITERAL MEANING A crowd has caught a woman. The persona implies to the reader that the woman is not decent. She was beautiful, but scared because she had gotten 'roughed up' a little by the crowd. The persona states that the woman has experienced men's hands on her body before, but this crowd's hands were virtuous. He also makes a proviso that if this crowd bruises her, it cannot be compared to what she has experienced before. The persona also speaks about a last assault and battery to come. He justifies this last assault by calling it justice, and it is justice that feels not only right, but good. The crowd's 'justice' is placed on hold by the interruption of a preacher, who stops to talk to the lady. He squats on the…show more content…
It is the perfect word to use in this context because it adds to the sexual innuendo that exists throughout the poem. 9. 'nothing much' The persona disregards the damage that they have done to the lady. He admits to the rough treatment, but tries to make himself, and the crowd, look favourable despite their wrong doings. 10. 'But ours were virtuous, Of course' This is almost like a tongue in cheek admittance that their touch was actually the opposite of virtuous. The use of the term 'of course' highlights this interpretation. 11. 'battery' In the Caribbean context, battery refers to the slang term for the rape of an individual, conducted by several people in succession. Therefore, the persona is pointing out the intent of the crowd, or some people in the crowd. 12. 'Of right' This is a clear indication, from the persona, that he believes that he and the mob are in the right. 13. 'tastes so good' 'Taste', to a lot of individuals, is one of the higher senses. Therefore, when the persona uses this word, he is highlighting the intense pleasure that he anticipates from meting out this 'justice'. 14. 'this guru, Preacher, God-merchant, God-knows-what' The persona's annoyance at this individual for disrupting his fun comes out in this statement. The persona is deliberately being disrespectful. 15. '(Should never speak to them)' This particular line speaks to the alienation that the
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