A Story About Courage.

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Waking up in the morning to birds chirping and the warm summer breeze is almost impossible when you live in the heart of New York City, well it is for me at least.
My name is Sandy Collins, I’m your typical teenage girl. I like going out with my friends, having slumber parties, and going shopping. I moved from Texas to New York City a month and a half ago. The moment I stepped out of the car I instantly loved the change. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy living in Texas, but now living in New York felt like it made much more sense.
As a child I did everything with my dad. Biking, fishing, rollerblading, you name it. I, Sandy Collins has done it. My dad always said he wanted a better life for me then what he had, he sure meant it.
Back when
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“Hey dad, would it be okay if I go shopping with Paige today?” I said.
“Sure hunny, I have to run a few errands and do some grocery shopping anyway, so I’ll drop you two off at the mall.” Dad said, smiling as always.

Paige is so nice and out-going to be around. My friends in Texas were more down-to-earth. We would still go places and what not, but Paige’s personality screams fun.
“We need to spice up your wardrobe, all of your out-fits are too toned down for NYC.” Paige said, trying on a vintage pair of black boots. After a couple of hours of shopping, we grabbed something to eat and went home. Home I kept thinking. I like it here, being with my dad made me so much happier.

Walking down the busy streets of New York with the sound of cars honking, people shouting for taxis, bargainers trying to sell you their no more than $5 junk, was now what I got to call home. Oddly I loved it.

When I got home I took my shopping bags to my room and headed downstairs to watch T.V while waiting on my dad to come home and make dinner. As I reached for the television remote the phone rang.
“Hello, may I speak to Mr. Collins?”
“He’s not home at the moment; would you like me to take a message?”
“Sure, is this Ms. Collins?”
Yes it is.” I said, realizing soon after this person was probably referring to Ms. Collins as if I was my dad’s wife. A moment before I was about to correct myself, the person started speaking again.
“Oh, hi Ms. Collins, this is Tom’s
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