A Story About The Trials Of My First Year Of Wrestling

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Freshman Wrestling (A story about the trials of my first year of wrestling) The football season had just ended in Orem Utah and my coach was an assistant wrestling coach. People had been telling me things about wrestling the whole football season to the point where I actually considered it. I went to open mats one day and decided that I was going to wrestle. There were two other first year freshmen in my weight class and I beat both of them. In my first year of wrestling I was already varsity. The whole year I got pounded on over and over again by kids who had been wrestling for years. I kind of just accepted the fact that I was going to lose most of my matches. Our very last dual of the season was against Orem High School who were our mortal enemies. The dual started off at the 120 pound weight class. Me being in the 113 pound weight class meant I would be the last one to wrestle. The dual was incredibly close and by the time I was up Orem was winning the dual by one point. My coach told me to go out there and keep it simple. I went out, took him down, and pinned him in just fourteen seconds. The crowd exploded. Everybody started chanting my name. The captains picked me up and put me on their shoulders as they carried me around the gym. This event was important to my life because it gave me confidence that I needed, it kept me wrestling because I was on the verge of quitting, and it was a moment that I’ll never forget my entire life. Confidence is something huge for

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