A Story About a Middle Aged Man, The Sportswriter by Richard Ford

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The sportswriter is a 1986 novel written by Richard Ford. The book revolves around a middle-aged man, Frank Bascombe, who shares his life problems through out the chapters. Among the many issues that Bascombe faced, divorce seems to come across as the main one as it has changed his life completely. Frank Bascombe seems that he is not able to move on from his ex, as he shows signs of regret and loneliness through out the book. Richard Ford begins the book with an introduction to Bascombe life but immediately shifts to the divorce and how it all happened. “It was stated in court by X’s sleaze-ball lawyer, Alan, that my travel was the cause of our trouble, especially after Ralph died. And though that isn’t technically true-it was a legal…show more content…
I might not choose to get divorced” (Frank 4). And to insure that he regrets it he said “ how could I ever loved her and let her go” when he talked about how beautiful she was (Frank11). Not only that he once tried to spend the night at X’s “Last night I hoped to stay for a drink, see the kids to bed, yak with X for half an hour, then end up, possibly, spending the night on the couch, something I hadn’t done in sometime (not, in fact, since I met Vicki) but felt fierce urge to do suddenly” (Frank 106) which shows his urge to relive the past. Within his present Frank blames anything negative on the divorce. He feels constant loneliness and he thinks that him being a divorced man plays a big role “Most people feel they have to make a choice and it is always easier to choose the wife, which is what my neighbors and friends mostly done” (Frank5). This led him to join a divorced men club because he thought he would be able to relate to other people in it, even though he didn’t care if they got along “… there have been times when I couldn’t wait to get away and promised my self never to come back. But given our characters, I believe this is the most in friendship any of us can hope for. In any case the suburbs are not a place where friendships flourish. And even though I cannot say we like each other, I definitely can say that we don’t dislike each other, …” (Frank 79). In

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