A Story Of A Short Story

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“Laura Lioness Longface! You get down here this instant!” A voice shouted. “You are in deep, deep water this time!” “I’m coming,” Laura responded with a little sass in her tone. “How can I possibly have done anything wrong today? I have been in my room all day, hoping that that the day would just pass as fast as a cheetah runs. I specifically tried to avoid people because all they do is say how perfect they are. The they try to make me smile just to make themselves look better and more kind to others,” Laura thought to herself. “I better get down there before she decides to come up here.” Laura Lioness Longface had reached the bottom of the stairs and walked into the kitchen only to be greeted by a surprisingly happy face of her mother. This was weird because she had expected for her mother to be really mad at her based on the tone that her mother had previously used. She then proceeded into the kitchen and sat down. “Laura, where have you been all day? I was really sad to see that you hadn’t come out,” her mother stated. “I just want to know that everything is alright. You always have such a long face.” Lilly Lioness Longface just sat there. She had been pondering why she always had a long face. She had never really thought about this before. All of a sudden it hit her. Lilly had realized that her name was Lilly Lioness Longface, the key word being longface. Could it be that her name defined her emotions? Laura was beginning to feel mad. “Laura, is everything alright?” Her
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