A Story Of A Short Story

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As the sun descends from the snowy mountains in Russia. village folks began to return to their homes to begin their nightly tasks. Children skipped happily back to their homes as their parents calls them back in for supper. Adults finish closing their shops and return home to create dinner. It was a normal day in the village for all, but one. Anna observes the village below and sighs. Her jet black hair dances in the frosty wind as she peers at the people below. It became an unhealthy habit for her mental state, but she couldn't do much else but relive the awful memory of her unfair, biased banishment. Her electric blue eyes bore on the happy children prancing at the big frozen lake, and she sighs again, her breath visible in the wind. It was a wonder Anna survived the harsh conditions of the northern mountaintops. Her pale skin was littered with scratches, showing the pain of living in such jarring circumstances. After months of her banishment, many presumed she had died in the terrifying wilderness. Rather then show any sorrow for the terribly misunderstood woman, they used her story as a story to scare children at night. But Anna knew better then to interfere. In the large mountain, with it's thick forests, Anna luckily found an abandoned small cabin, which she called home. It was empty when she discovered it, but provided a very good defense against the brutal winds. Food was a problem at first, until Anna decided to run to a nearby village to get her hands on any
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