A Story Of A Short Story

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Emerald sobbed as she dashed through the woods, tears streaking down her face in salty waterfalls. Dragging the hilt of her hand along her face, she slowed. Emerald ignored the throbbing pain in her feet from sprinting along the brush barefoot. She continued on through the forest soon reaching a road where on the other side was a drop, and about 70 feet down, was a small river, where she hoped her life would end, where all her pain would stop and become a distant thing of her past. As Emerald made her way across the road she took one last look at the forest behind her, That forest the once was so full of beautiful life, now seemed dark and gloomy, the trees like claws, reaching out to grab her and hold her there, and before deciding that would be the last time she would lay her eyes on it again, her mind conjured up all of the horrible memories that sleep within and beyond the forest. She turned away clearing her mind and climbed the guard rail and walked closer to the edge, and as she peered down and prepared to take the final step, she listened to a car pass her by. As she leaned her body to fall, there was a screeching of tires and a pounding of footsteps before she felt herself getting ripped backwards, falling onto another who lay under her. It took Emerald a moment before she realized she wasn't lying at the bottom of a cliff side, instead she was lying on the ground, a good distance from the drop-off, lying in someone's arms. “Release me! Let me go! Please, just
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