A Story Of A Short Story

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Last summer Lily and her family took a trip to Wyoming and South Dakota. They went to Yellowstone, Devils Tower, Black Hills and Mt. Rushmore.
At the end of the school year Lily’s parents told all the kids that they will be going to South Dakota in a big RV in July. It was a couple months away, but they were excited. A month later they found the RV they wanted.
“ Why don’t we go to Yellowstone to.” said Lily’s Dad. There plan was to leave got a week and be able to see everything they wanted to. They had everything they needed and everything packed. Eventually they were all ready and about to leave. First they had to get past Iowa Lily thought it was so boring. They got to Nebraska at like 7:30. Then they kept driving Lily fell asleep. Then Lily woke up at like 2am and it was all dark. They stopped at a truck stop to sleep.
When Lily woke up they were in Wyoming. Lily went by the window and saw a bunch of mountains and it looked like a dessert. Then they had to drive another 9 hours to get to Yellowstone. They didn't drive the whole day, they drove to an RV camp. It was on like a cliff so Lily could see all the mountains.
“The mountains are so pretty.” Lily said.
Out of all the camps they went to Lily liked that one the most. That next morning they drove to Jackson hole to go white water rafting. They took them on a bus, to get to the river. When they got to the river, they had to put on life jackets then the took them on the raft. As they went on the raft Lily said,
“ The water is so cold!!”
It was so much fun though. When they got back to Jackson they went back in the RVp-

and went to a new camp site. They were still 2 hours to Yellowstone. In the morning they went straight to Yellowstone. When they got to yellowstone Lily just seen a bunch of trees. That day we stayed at the best yellowstone camp site. That next morning They went to see Old Faithful and all the geysers. When they got there it spelt so bad. Also when they were in the parking lot Old faithful was going off but they wanted to see it up close so they had to wait an hour. While they were waiting they seen the other little geysers all of them just sputterd. Then they were walking to Old faithful and they got there like
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