A Story Of A Short Story

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One evening in late fall a young innocent girl named Mary was walking along the road when she saw a poor defenseless lamb. She started to approach the lamb, and as she got closer… and closer… and closer, mary notices something around the lamb's neck. It was a collar of some sort but did not have a name tag on it. She decided to take it home and put signs up for a missing lamb. When they got back to Mary’s house the lamb noticed that the house was kind of mysterious looking, two gargoyles were placed at each side of the porch along with a statue of a weeping angel. Mary was trying to figure out what the lambs name was so she just made one up. She called it Myers. In the late afternoon Mary and Myers were deeply staring at the wall in their mansion watching spiders move vigorously up the wall. Suddenly, it began to storm very intensely, but Mary wanted to show Myers her special place. Mary had always gone to the abandoned windmill just to think. When they arrived Mary saw something in the distance, so she decided that they should leave. On their way out Myers got his leg caught in the train tracks. Mary tried to free his leg, but his hoof was not budging. After a few minutes, a train began to appear in the distance, racing in the direction of Myers. Mary ran away in fear of the train hitting Myers, not knowing that it would only be worse if she did not help him. The next morning, Mary returned to the train tracks and screamed in horror as she discovered the gruesome scene. Mary could not believe what she was seeing, Myers was nearly cut in half. Mary brought the remains of the lamb back to her mansion, in hopes that she could find a place to bury him. When Mary was at her abandoned windmill she noticed something in the distance. It was a man that she has not seen before, he followed her home after Myers accident. Mary noticed him staring into her window looking at Myers. She opened the door and said, “Can I help you?” He introduced himself as Victor Frankenstein. “I see your lamb has been in a terrible accident.” He came in and took a closer look at Myers, “I am a scientist, I can help you bring him back to life if you would like?” Victor then went on telling Mary about how he creates monsters of his own.
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