A Story Of A Short Story

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A teen girl snuck into her apartment complex at noon. As she walked through the kitchen, her body froze. A part of her twitched, and before a plate could fall from her mother’s hands, she caught it. “Nice reflexes,” The elder female smiled at her daughter. “Would you like the other burrito I made?” She shook her head before speaking in a light tone, “I think I’m going to take a nap, actually. “Before you do so, Katelynn,” her mother’s tone grew cold. “Text me before you leave with your friends next time. Imagine if you got kidnapped.” “Yes, mom. The entire world is an episode of Criminal Minds,” Katelynn groaned, a headache ensuing. “I’m just saying, it’s almost a full moon and people get a little…” Her mother twirled her finger a couple inches from her head. The young girl rolled her eyes, a habit that grew from her teenage angst. She walked into her room, the messy bed looking like a cloud gave birth to it. She stripped off her slightly damp black sweater to the faded blue tank top under. Katelynn crawled under the blankets protecting her from the cold air and quickly fell asleep. Oh, Gem would sure be happy to see you, Katelynn thought. She was back in the abandoned house, reliving the strange moment. It was extremely dark, yet she found a caterpillar back near plants that began growing through the windows. Her friend hated insects, giving Katelynn the perfect idea to scare her. Before she could make it back to her friends with the fuzzy bug in her hands, she stepped in
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