A Story Of A Short Story

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Knowing that her day was going to end in disaster, Marsha drove down the road from work cautiously. Her hand gripped the wheel firmly as she dodged the chances of crashing. At the same time she was trying her best to analize her day. The wonders of winning the contest first popped up in line. She dreamed of the prizes and the speech Tonas Lightning made. But the excruciating memory of Mrs. Jones’s insult blurred her vision. So she chose to forget about it. Marsha remembered when she ran up to her room one December day to find most of her advantages stolen. Then the incident when Mr. Guy whacked her eye causing a nasty black eye to appear on her beautiful face, in her opinion. But the note she stole was really pressuring her mind. Marsha drove along a huge bridge as she stopped at a traffic light. She recollected when she stole the muffin from Mrs Jones. Marsha remembered the moment when Alyssa caught her red handed with the muffin crumbs dribbling down her lips. But then she recalled later that day how she found her lunch missing. She was forced to go hungry with only a lonely muffin in her stomach. Marsha still didn’t find her precious lunch or figure out where it had gone. But she assumed that Alyssa had something to do with it. Marsha pulled up on her street hoping that her son was already home. Her son was in tenth grade at Fredrickson High School. At school he was mostly a well independent young man, but at home he was, in Marsha’s opinion, a snob. She hated how he
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