A Story Of A Trip To The Ziggurat '

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It is finally spring time and I have been working at the temple for 3 months now. I am still doing very the same old boring jobs, but I am working very hard. I do not understand why I am not at least getting different jobs. I ask the priest why and he tells me that I am still not ready. I am deeply upset for I want a sense of excitement in being a scribe. All I have gotten so far is disappointment. When walking to the ziggurat the next day I get an idea. What if tonight before the temple closes I come and sneak in after hours and read what the other scribe’s work. This way I could know how to impress the priest. If I get caught I could get into a lot of trouble, but I have to take this risk.
This morning I still do the same old boring
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I immediately apologize to my father, but he just gives me a big hug. I don't understand. My father says he felt the same way I did when he first became a scribe. He copied someone else's work because he thought it would be fun. We both laugh and I felt a sigh of relief. I am glad my father is not mad at me, but the priest is and I have no idea how to regain his trust. I decide that I will write an apology letter to him and deliver it myself.
The next day I spent all morning writing my letter. I explained how sorry I was and how I would do anything to regain our friendship. I even signed it with my cylinder seal. A cylinder seal is a cylinder made of metal or stone that is used to print a signature on a cuneiform tablet. My father and I then walked to the ziggurat to give the priest my letter. When we arrived we saw the priest talking to a man who seemed to be very important. Everyone was staring at both of them. The man seemed to be angry. He kept complaining about a scribe that was supposed to be there to help him. The priest apologized and explained how the scribe did not show up. I ask my father who the man was and he told me that he was King Hammurabi. I could not believe I was standing this close to the king. The king then turned to leave when his anger turned into joy because he had seen my father. The king explained how he needed a new scribe for his council and the one he had chosen did not show up for three days.
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