A Story Of An Hour

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Most stories have more than one conflict, some bigger than others, but all important as a story progressives to the very moment everything clicks and comes together. After that point, the story starts to wind down, lose ends are tied, and the reader gets the satisfying feeling of a happy ending. The Story of an Hour is not your typical short story; but is similar to others in the way that conflicts are the leading force behind a short story. This story starts with Mrs. Mallard finding out any wife’s worst news and realizing it is the best news she has ever heard. Within the short hour of the announcement, the news that was going to save her, ended up killing her. The internal conflicts Mrs. Mallard faces in Chopin’s The Story of an Hour are subtle, but lead to a resolution that makes the reader question if they believe the author or not. One of the first internal conflict Mrs. Mallard faces is she is not sure how she to act when she finds out the news of her husband’s death. During the time period of which the shirt story takes place, women supposedly owed everything to their husbands, so for Mrs. Mallard to now be a widow, the news should have been heart breaking and life shattering. Louise does not act the way women of the time are “supposed” to act. She is still is shocked by the news, “she wept at once, with sudden, wild abandonment, in her sister’s arms” but then rushes upstairs to lock herself in her room (Chopin 54). I think Chopin started off the story with the

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