A Story Of Gender Differences

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26 Nov. 2014
Trifles: A Story of Gender Differences

Gender is referred to as the social or cultural distinctions associated with being male or female. Scholars generally regard gender as a social construct, meaning that it does not exist naturally, but it is instead a concept that is created by culture and social norms. In society there is a divide between the two genders. Growing up most of the friends kids make are the same gender as them; a girl’s best friend will most likely be female and a boy’s best friend will most likely be male, thus forming alliances. It is a common notion that there are certain things a man would not tell a woman, but would tell a fellow man, just as there are things a woman would feel comfortable sharing with another woman but not with a man. These are loyalties have been in place for quite a while; in modern society the loyalties between genders can be referred to as “Guy Code” or “Girl Code.” These loyalties have had such an impact on society that in current media there are even TV shows that explain these relationships; sure enough the shows are called “Guy Code” and “Girl Code” both of them which are currently running on MTV. In the drama “Trifles” one can identify these relationships between the male and female genders. It is clear that the theme in Susan Glaspell’s drama “Trifles” is one of gender loyalty and is made evident through Glaspell’s use of plot and character.
The drama “Trifles,” starts off…
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