A Story Of Liesel Meminger

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Another perspective The story of Liesel Meminger was told to you by Death. But how about another perspective; a perspective that provides more hope. No, we’re not going to be hopeful, we are going to be sanguine. Just like Liesel was. *A quick definition* Sanguine: optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation But first, shall I introduce myself. As you might have noticed, Death and I share similar writing styles, meaning we might be related. We are. I am life. Don’t get me confused with your lifetime. I am not your whole “lifetime”. I am simply the one that carries one soul into the world. While, Death on the other hand, carries the soul out the world. We are siblings, actually twins. But we are as…show more content…
Although her father, who had strong beliefs, had his fits and arguments about how stupid the Demokratische party was, his opinions would be judged and left. He would later on find out that the life he had was a blessing not the nightmare he believed it to be. But nevertheless, the couple was happy to have their first child. Listening to her first heartbeats, I knew she was someone special. She knew that she deserved to be in this world, and she would make the best life she can out of what she had, but she never believed that she was more worthy of this world than others. Years would pass on and Liesel’s father would be taken away and her mother would take her and her brother onto the train. When Werner died on that train, the colour of the sky was. The colour of the snow was white. Everything was white, right? That’s what you thought and my brother thought. The sky was blank, it was empty, everything was just colourless. White is too pure and hopeful to describe the atmosphere that Liesel was in, when her brother died. Even her heartbeat was irregularly rapid. Each beat going at a different rhythm and tempo. It was like her heart didn’t know what to do and was so confused, it couldn 't beat properly. *Liesel 's heart * Does that make you think that her heart gave up? That she gave up? No, you would be wrong to think so. She was indeed broken but she was
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