A Story Of Revenge And A Moral Lesson At The End Of The Short Story

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“He Becomes Deeply and Famously Drunk” features a story of revenge and a moral lesson at the end of the short story. The main protagonist is named Archie; a handsome and very vulgar seventeen year old that spent much of his life working by his mother’s request on his late father’s ranch in Arizona. Archie constantly gets into fights with his co-workers, shows no respect towards authority, and constantly complains about the situation. The reason for this is because Archie’s father died when Archie was at the age of five years old, who was struck down by his own friend. Calfred Pulsipher, who had somewhat of an issue with Archie’s father because of the past experiences with each other involving sports and other activities that Archie’s father, had bested Pulsipher in. At one point of the story, Pulsipher is finally found but he is actually an older person, he’s suffering from his sins by the form of health. Archie finds Pulsipher not worth to kill and decides to forgive and revel in the legacy of his father. Ending with a moral, revenge will not solve our problems for fate and consequences will deal with those who trespassed against us. The theme of the story had revenge and abandonment as the main theme for the protagonist’s constant encouragement in the later of the story. But in the beginning, the protagonist actually had no desire to work on a farm because Archie’s personality actually collided with others at the time. It goes more into depth, as Archie explains on who
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