A Story Without Setting Or Missing Places Where The Story It Happen?

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Can you imagine a fictional story without setting or missing places where the story it happen? Place in fiction story, compared with other concepts like theme or character always was relegated to a second point. The fictional writers with frequency attempting to persuade the reader that the story really happened having or creating a place where the narrative can develop. In addition, this place might give the environment or atmosphere perfectly to the whole story to “feel it” more real; including, individual passages that may reflect the connection between place and experiences of the character. The setting allows that the action occurs in places and times (e.g. natural landscape, season, weather) and events with cultural influence (e.g. religious belief, education, lifestyle, behavior); both of them, might modify the way of the story is going to develop and also, to change the state of awareness of the characters. This influence of the place in the characters may be to associate with changes in their emotional development throughout the story, and can provide us the sense of who is the most important leading role of the story. About this, Welty wrote: “Paradoxically, the more narrowly we can examine a fictional character, the greater he is likely to loom up. We must see him act to scale in his proper word to know his size. Place, then, has the most delicate control over character to: by confining character, it define[s] it (Welty 4). Elizabeth Strout’s “Pharmacy” story
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