A Story of Olenka, "The Darling" a Dependent Woman

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A story of Olenka, "The Darling" A Dependent Woman The story "The Darling" by Anton Chekhov, illustrates a woman that is lonely, insecure, and lacking wholeness of oneself without a man in her life. This woman, Olenka, nicknamed "Darling" is compassionate, gentle and sentimental. Olenka is portrayed for being conventional, a woman who is reliant, diligent, and idea less. Although, this story portrays that this woman, known as the Darling needs some sort of male to be emotionally dependent upon, it is as if she is a black widow, she is able to win affection, but without respect. Only able to find happiness through the refection of the beliefs of her lovers, she never evolves within the story. This story, "The Darling" presents…show more content…
In order to seek happiness in her self, Olenka is able to leave her thoughts of her ex-husband and the thoughts of the Tivioli, the theater, out of her mind. Olenka falls in love again with her next lover, or shall this reader say, "her next identity", Pustovalov. Pustovalov working for a timber yard which caused Pustovalov to have to travel and leave Olenka. Olenka being a dependent as always, beings to portray her husband, again talking her husband's words, and feeling happiness whenever she was with him, it began to seem to Olenka, that she had been in the timber business for ages. Pustovalv's occupation became the most important and most necessary thing in Olenka's life, just as the theater did when she was married Kukin. As in her previous marriages Olenka became a companion to her husband's ideas. Olenka during sleep would dream of perfect mountains of planks, and boards, and long strings of wagons, carting timber somewhere far away. With Pustovalv's being gone much of the time she finds companionship with another man to fill the void of emptiness. This man, Volditchka, and a man who is a father, has no interest in the theater and does not allow Olenka to live and speak his ideas. Olenka needing the comfort became connected, even though, and even though, she

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