A Story of Race and a Forbidden Love

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A Story of Race and a Forbidden Love Kevin Michael Albeck (KEABEC2492) ENG125 Prof. Danielle Slaughter November 16, 2012 The story “Country Lovers was written in 1975 when times were different then they are today. This story was written about a farmer’s son and one of the children of the farm’s help. There are many aspects of this story that are wrong but the most pronounced one is the racial segregation. Even though certain races are perceived as inferior to some, there should be no such thing because we all need to work together to make the planet a better place and lives are ruined over racial this segregation. The theme of this story is about tough choices and racial divides. Throughout the…show more content…
She also changed her testimony at the trial saying that she never saw what she said she did during the preliminary inquiry. It is not made clear why she said that she saw him pour the liquid down the baby’s throat when what she heard were baby grunts as if the baby’s stomach were full. All of this truly shows how much she cared for Paulus. This story is about a place that is really hard for some of us in America to understand because we do not live with this amount of segregation. In certain places in Africa it is very strict on racial divides even to this day. Even with the world stage crying for equality in race, ethnic and gender there are many countries today that still have strict ethnic and racial divides as well as strict rules on the roles of women. Stories like this one should be part of any school’s curriculum. I did not know that countries were still like this until I was in my late teens early twenties. I received a big dose of cultural sensitivity training on my plane ride to Afghanistan in later 2001. I saw the horrible ways that women are treated over there and I saw this again on a trip to the horn of Africa. I use the word horrible because that is what it is to me by the standards I was raised with, but it is just normal life to them. References: Clugston, Wayne R. (2010). "JOURNEY INTO LITERATURE". San Diego: Bridgepoint
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