A Straight-forward Story in The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald

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From the beginning of the The Great Gatsby, Francis Scott Fitzgerald uses the narrator, symbols, and the characters. Using the narrator, symbol, and characters throughout the novel makes up the book that is popular today. The Great Gatsby is a straightforward story. It slowly creates and shows the characteristics of Gatsby. Reading the book through Nick Carraway's eyes and his description of what is happening makes the book feel longer than it is (“Gatsby”, Kenneth).Nick describes what he sees and gives the reader his insight. He describes the room that he meets Daisy in during the first chapter. He also describes the dresses Daisy and Jordan wore and this provides us with what his eyes would see (Fitzgerald 12 of 178). Nick’s descriptions and opinions help the reader get in to the book and create their own opinions. The Great Gatsby is many smaller stories connected by the narrator, Nick Carraway. The beginning is three short stories that happen weeks apart. The story Nick is telling all happens in one summer, but he adds in his past and what he learns about Gatsby's past (“Gatsby”, Kenneth). Fitzgerald uses Nick Carraway as the narrator throughout the book. Nick is the connection between the book and the people reading. He connects the side events with Gatsby's story, and connects Gatsby's story to the reader (Doreski). Nick interrupts the story and adds his own perception to the story that he is a part of. Usually this would make the story less smooth but he connects

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