A Strange Young Man Called Dylan

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Maizie Ober
Mrs. Burke
0021: Period 1
20 March 2015
A Strange Young Man Called Dylan At only 22, he was crowned the voice of a generation. His audiences became mesmerized with his expressive lyrics and soulful harmonica. He changed the way the world looks at songwriting and protest, and inspired countless future musicians from the moment he stepped up on the stage in his railroad hat, denim jacket, and harmonica brace. However, it is clear that there is so much more behind Bob Dylan than just a rough voice and a collection of poetic songs. As one man said about Dylan’s early days in Greenwich Village, “There’s a quality of determination and of will that some people have that when they’re doing something, they’re really doing it and you know you have to pay attention to it” (No Direction Home). Bob Dylan was on a mission to find himself, and the rest of the world had the honor of watching him go through the process of transitioning from middle class Jewish boy Robert Zimmerman to world renown protesting liberal Bob Dylan to plugged in and surreal Bob Dylan and the Band. He listened to his heart; he became what he wanted to become; he followed his instincts and found himself, leaving thousands of inspired musicians and free-spirits in his wake. Of course, he didn’t do it all himself. Bob Dylan had some help along his way to success, specifically from three of his biggest influences: Odetta, Woody Guthrie, and the political movement of the 1960s. Although he is most widely…

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