A Strategic Management Case Study on the Walt Disney Company

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A Strategic Management Case Study on Erika Erro | Mimilanie M. Mabanta | Javi Mendezona | Clara Poblador Tour 198 Prof. Emma Lina F. Lopez Introduction Company Background When brothers Walt and Roy Disney moved to Los Angeles in 1923, they went there to sell their cartoons and animated shorts. One could only dream that their name would one day be synonymous with entertainment worldwide. But then again, that is how The Walt Disney Company has made their fortunes over the last several decades: making “dreams” come true. The Disney brothers began creating countless cartoons (some successful and others not so much), and in 1928, introduced Mickey Mouse to the world in the animated short, Steamboat Willie—widely described as the…show more content…
The strengths for The Walt Disney Company are detailed below. A Vast and Diverse Portfolio The Disney brothers began drawing cartoons long before moving to Hollywood. The Missouri natives spent the majority of their lives imagining characters to which to introduce to the world. Along with the Disney’s impressive collection of new adaptations of old classics such as Robin Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, and Alice In Wonderland; the Company has created countless characters to star in their feature films. Disney’s original characters include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Chip &Dale, Simba, Buzz Lightyear, Belle, and Aladdin (to name only a very limited few.) The Walt Disney Company’s huge portfolio is the single best strength of the entire organization. Diversification Disney has moved well beyond its cartoon-oriented roots. Though the company is still involved the production of original feature films and other related media (and though the media network division of the Company is still the organization’s leading generator of revenue) the company has long since stopped being your typical “animation studio” or “film production company.” In 1951, with the opening of Disney’s first theme park (Disneyland, in Anaheim, California) the Company made a dramatic shift from a media-oriented company to
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