A Strategic Plan For The Fbi

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In order to outline the beginnings of a strategic plan for the FBI, the planner must begin with the identification of mission scope. The FBI utilizes a Strategy Management System to “improve intelligence capabilities, critical incident response effectiveness, talent and technology readiness, and other performance objectives” (FBI, 2010, para. 1). In the case of the Bureau, there are multiple mission scopes:

Protect the United States from terrorist attack and foreign intelligence activity.
Combat criminal activity.
Preservation of civil rights.
Provide leadership, intelligence and a law enforcement assistance domestically and abroad (FBI, n.d.)

These mission objectives fall within one of four perspectives – each of these four perspectives has a set of objectives:

The first tier perspective is dedicated to the main mission objectives as previously outlined – terrorist and intelligence threats, combating crime, protection of civil liberties and partnerships. The second tier perspective, FBI Capacity has three theme objectives:

1. Management Excellence 2. Operational Excellence: Deter, Detect, and Disrupt National Security and Criminal Threats 3. Maximize Partnerships (FBI, n.d.)

The objective of the FBI capacity perspective is to maximize performance and forge external relationships. The third perspective is Talent and Technology and is divided into two themes; maximizing workforce success and leveraging technology and science (FBI, n.d.). Part of the aim in…

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