A Strategic Way Internal Communications Support Ethical Behavior Within Our Organization

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Healthcare organizations have a moral and social responsibility to ensure that their communications are conducted using an outlined code of ethics. Whether the communication is an internal message to employees or mission outreach in the community, it must reflect the values and beliefs of the organization. Therefore, in order to establish and maintain the standard of ethical behavior and social responsibility, our organization requires all employees to complete new employee orientation sessions that define the policies and expectations. This orientation introduces our mission and values and it develops the foundation for our success as an organization. Our focus on encouraging and communicating ethical practices helps to reinforce our values to employees and the community. Furthermore, there should be a process in place that monitors and enforces the policies to safeguard against potential errors that would reflect poorly on the organization’s mission. A strategic way internal communications support ethical behavior within our organization is by incorporating and reinforcing the values and mission through accountability training, also referred to as Mission Integration. The values that permeate all of our endeavors are justice, compassion, integrity, teamwork, employee well-being, supportive work environment, trust, stewardship, and leadership. These key standards describe our purpose and mission and are the focus for the healthcare professions and tradition that we are
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