A Streetcar Named Desire Book Summary

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A Streetcar Named Desire begins the play by painting the audience a clear picture of very unique, downtown New Orleans. In a small, complex city building lives Stella and her Polish husband, Stanley. Throughout the first three acts, Mr. Tennessee Williams has introduced Stella’s sister, Blanche, and made readers question her reason for coming to stay with Stella and Stanley. Blanche and Stella seemed to have grown up in a small, family-inherited plantation in Mississippi called Belle Reve. All of their family seems to have died and left nothing but the opulent property. For some unknown reason, Stella left to move to Elysian Fields, New Orleans, while Blache continued to live in Belle Reve. One day, Blanche shows up to her sister’s home, explaining that she has lost Belle Reve and eventually finds herself being suspiciously questioned by Stanley. Blanche had all kinds of expensive fashion pieces and jewelry. She had been a teacher back in Mississippi and Stanley knows there is no way that she could have paid for anything on her salary. There is a such thing as the napoleonic code, which basically states that what belongs to husband also belongs to wife, the same way around as well. I was left wondering if Blanche had sold or lost Belle Reve and spent all of the money from the property. In the first place, I chose to read this book because I had heard good things about the play and thought that it would suit my own style that I like to read. Plus, I love theatre and thought
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