A Streetcar Named Desire By Tennessee Williams

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The smells of river shipped goods and sounds of smooth jazz music fill the air of French Quarter, New Orléans as a woman in white boards the streetcar named Desire. The May night sky accompanies her as she whirls along to her stop at Cemeteries, and from there, she rides six blocks further to Elysian Fields. Despite her outward appearance, her character is more than what appears on the surface. She is gentle and caring with an old aristocratic flare, but something is slightly skewed about her demeanor. This woman in white is Blanche Dubois, and she has come to find her sister, Stella. In his play A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams explores the battle between reality and illusion. He gives us a vast mixture of characters that all have their own way of viewing their reality. Will they live in the world of magic and ‘what ought to be’ in order to escape what is real, or will they live in the harsh and brute reality that life has in store for them? The most stunning example of living in ‘what ought to be’ can be seen in Blanche. Through Blanche, Williams explores the notion of living in one’s own illusions and beautifully uses symbolize to describe the whirling reality that is Ms. Dubois’s own life. The character of Blanche is abundantly complex and Williams uses this complexity to his advantage. The first example of this complexity can be seen in the beginning of the play and can be tied into the first streetcar, Desire. Simply put, Blanche is a woman of
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