A Streetcar Named Desire By William Stanley

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A Streetcar Named Desire The opening scene of "A Streetcar Named Desire" begins with an interpretation as Stanley being a good guy. Stanley portrays himself to be loyal to all of his friends and loving to his wife Stella. Blanche DuBois is introduced into the play when she comes to visit her sister Stella whom she has not seen in a long time. Blanche quickly becomes the protagonist in the play as all of events unfold around her and lies that she constantly tells are eventually shed into light. "A Streetcar Named Desire" focuses on Blanche wanting to marry a rich man and taken care of financially. However, these desires twist and turn and in the end the illusion of being young and dainty show their true colors as Stanley digs for who Blanche really is. Scene one of "A Streetcar Named Desire" sheds a lot of light on Blanche DuBois personality as well as Stanley 's by the way he acts around her. As Blanche arrives to the Kowalski 's home, she takes " a streetcar named Desire" then transferring to "Cemeteries" and finally arriving at "Elysian Fields". These names are important events that signifies the course of Blanches ' life and how she has ended up in her current life situation. As Stella and Blanche catch up, Blanche belittles Stella for her low social status and her living situations. As well as not being joyful that Stella is married and in love, she and Stanley seem to be polar opposites which quickly sets the tone for the remaining of the play. As the play
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