A Streetcar Named Desire

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Everyone has fantasies but most know that is not the true reality. Defining dreams and reality are two different things. Some want to escape the real world and make their own dreams become true, due to seeking happiness. The author portrays Blanche, Stella, and Stanley as characters that are fixated on what they want to believe is the truth; however, the reason being is because they do not want face their fears. Stella and Blanche both desire to make their past non-existent and live in a perfect world, rather than accept the truth and move forward. Stanley does not let his fantasies take over his life as much as the two women. In Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar name Desire the three protagonists Blanche, Stella, and Stanley exist in a fool’s paradise by using denial and fantasy to display a public facade in desire to obscure the truth; however, the characters want to escape their undesirable reality through their more desirable fantasy. All three of the main characters do not want to accept the truth and have the covet to live in an allusion to hide the past from everyone including themselves. Stanley does not like when Blanche questions his manhood and nationality by calling him a Polack; which he takes very offensively. Stanley has had enough of Blanche and yells at her, “But what I am is a one hundred percent American” (110). Stanley has pride in his native land and when Blanche downgrades him, he takes those remarks she makes to heart. He wants to dominate and use his
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