A Streetcar Named Desire Film Analysis

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The film A Streetcar Named Desire was an original play by Tennessee Williams then was later made in film form by Elia Kazan. I think A Streetcar Desire Named Desire could be seen as a narrative because it is based on one of the characters lives, it shares a story about this woman named Blanche DuBois who was a schoolteacher is now on a search for what comes next in her life, like where does she go from where she is now? Blanche is trying to find a place where she belongs and somewhere she can call her own. My expectations from seeing the film A Streetcar Named Desire, I expected this to be in-depth about Blanche’s life that she lives. The plot for the most part does convey her life and that is good how the author/director was able to portrayed that and I think that is the most developed part of the plot of this film, and even early on I see some different things from the play. I think this film told a story of how Blanche went to live with her sister and she tried to help her sister from her husband. The time that A Streetcar Named Desire was made since it was filmed in 1951, it was based off the1940s during the time that World War II, which I think at that time it was a good fit in history. I think that's film had an effect on society because, I think it shows the effect on how women back then used to get treated by society, in this time period women were treated unfairly and unjust because of the fact that they were women. A Streetcar Named Desire would be okay to
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