A Streetcar Named Desire Film Analysis

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In the film “A Streetcar Named Desire”, the producers do an excellent job of showing how the film plays with light and dark, illusion and reality, and brutality conflict. Blanche, Stella, Stanly and Mitch successfully portray the concepts of light vs dark, illusion vs reality, brutality conflict through various transitions of each. As Blanche arrives at the house of Stella and Stanly, right away you see his mood go into a very dark place as if he does not want her to be there. Stanly’s character in the film comes off to be very rough and aggressive. The night after Blanche arrived, she meets Stanly’s friend Mitch, who is different from Stanly just by the way he carries himself. Mitch and Blanche catch a glimpse of each other which brings some light back into her being there. Stella was in support of her sister blanche meeting Mitch as it may have been an effective way for her to comfortably. Light and dark effects in a dramatic film play a big part because it sets the tone of the storyline and helps give the suspension of where the story will go and end up. It can be good for a film to bounce back and forth from light and dark moments to keep scenes impactful to the viewer. [For example, in the scene where Blanche buys a cover for the light in the bedroom area, it made her happy, and the others seemed as if they supported it to make her feel comfortable, and then towards the end of the film when Stanly snatches the cover off the light as he is angry, it changes the
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