A Streetcar Named Desire, by Tennessee Williams Essay

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A Streetcar Named Desire
In what way can A Streetcar Named Desire be seen as an exploration of”old” America versus the “new” America?

In the play, Blanche represents old America and Stanley represents new America. Why Blanche represents old America is because of her way of thinking, lifestyle and values. When Blanche walks into the room where the guys are playing poker, there is a great example of how Blanche represents old and Stanley new. When she walks in, the guys are sitting around the table, then Blanche says “Please don’t get up”. Stanley replies “nobody’s going to get up, so don’t be worried”. Before men were always supposed to treat women with respect, and get up from the chair when they came in, and when they left. Blanche
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If you take a look at the unstable and chaotic society in America today, he might have had a point. Something to take into consideration is that Williams was homosexual, he might be showing the bad sides of heterosexual men through Stanley’s superficial and ego actions.

When Blanche comes to Stella and Stanley, she wants Stella to come with her. She says to Stella that Stella is everything she has in this world. Stanley notices that Blanche is there to take Stella away, and acts like an animal and he protects his territory. This is why he is so hostile towards Blanche.

Blanche has problems adapting to the “new” world, because she is stuck in the old world. This is different to Stella, who has learned that she has to adapt and accept. When Blanche lost her husband she lost a big part of her life. That she is not over the loss of her husband is shown very clear in the play. She is clearly becoming mentally ill because of the loss and that she is not able to move on. She is always bathing, from the moment we first meet her, after she has taken her baths she says that she feels like a new person. She is trying to wash off the dirt from the past, trying to clear her mind. She is constantly drinking, and she is also trying to hide it. People who are alcoholics rarely have a good life, and they are very often not satisfied with their lives, there are things that
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