A Strong Looks Better Naked

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10. Strong looks better naked Naked: A spy operating without cover or backup "Ew, they 're naked" someone whispered as I slowly whispered. "That 's not gross, they 're hot" another voice whispered. "Hey, that 's my brother you 're talking about" the first voice spoke again. "Shut up both of you, my baby girl is trying to sleep" I heard Blake say. I opened my eyes and saw Eliza and Haleigh staring at us. I pulled the blanket over me, feeling exposed. I looked at Blake, smiling softly when I saw that his neck was covered in bruises and his hair all messed up. He chuckled when he saw me. "Your neck is so destroyed." I sighed. "Is it really that bad?" Eliza snorted. "It looks like you got attacked by a wild animal." "So, he kind of did get attacked by a wild animal" Haleigh said and Blake rolled his eyes. "It looks sexy" he said, rolling over to face me and wrap his arms around me. I blushed as he stared at me. "Hey, princess." I blushed even deeper and smiled, shoving my face under a pillow. "You 're such a nerd, Mason. Honestly you 've been together for ages and you can 't even handle him calling you princess" Eliza said. I lifted my head from the pillow and saw that Blake hadn 't moved and was still laying in his side under the blanket, smiling softly at me. I blushed. "Morning." He smiled. "Morning, sweetheart." "You guys are so gross" Eliza said and Haleigh shook her head. "They 're adorable" she said and Blake sighed. "Thank you, now please get out of my
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