A Strong Response Reflective Essay

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Strong Response Reflective essay
You are confined only by the walls you build yourself, such a short phrase with an enormous meaning. Isolation is increasing immensely in my life since social media is taking such a huge roll in it. I notice the continuous blank stare at my phone as I roam the halls of Florida International University. It’s like my social anxiety is a broken leg and my cellphone is my crutch. My cellphone brings me so much comfort, although I am comforted, I feel so disconnected with the world. Learning is much easier through social media websites. I am so anti-social not only around school, but with myself. Bringing me to the conclusion that social media is a negative impact in my daily life for more than one reason.
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After a few weeks, I decide that it is time to put my phone down and begin to make more connections. For the first time, I walk around Graham Center with a smile on my face. I am ready to start conversations I have urged to begin with my FIU peers and professors. I feel this explosion of happiness as questions, conversations, and sign-up sheets are being thrown my way. To my astonishment, these students are taking an interest in me because my eyes aren’t locked to my cellphone. Jessica Winter states “Instagram messes more with your sense of time” and I couldn’t agree more. I have been wasting precious time on social media that I can use to grow my circle here at FIU instead. Filters and likes are all people seek on social media, but my thumbs and mind take over me and give them what they want. This time it seems someone is letting me borrow a spare key to unlock the handcuffs that chain my cellphone and I together. Sitting down in class, I witness my professor coming through the door. He is ready to bring us new information that I can’t seem to understand sometimes. As our professor gets more in depth with our lesson, hands are preparing to launch like a rocket ship. These students are ready to blast off with questions that they plead answers for. I quietly say to myself that there is no need to raise my hand during class. Out of the forty students, why would my professor choose me when I have a
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