A Struggle For Freedom Essay

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A Struggle For Freedom In 1831 in Southampton county, a slave named Nat Turner did something so revolutionary that to this day it is still an uncomfortable subject for a small town in Virginia. With very little documented history, Stephen B. Oates tells how one slave turned the entire south upside down on one hot August Sunday. Oate's own struggle in finding the truth about the past was something that this small town of Southampton was tying to forget. As a child Nat, allowed to play with the white children, didn't fully understand what it meant to be a slave until he was a teenager and was separated from the white kids. As the white kids were going to school, Nat was going to the fields to labor. At this moment in his…show more content…
Nat knew it was time for the revolution. Sunday, August 21, Nat and his other close followers began plotting their first move on the plantation owners. The plan was to strike in the early morning catching the whites off guard and gather more slaves for his army as the went. Just after midnight they strode up onto the Travis plantation with the intention of killing every white man in their path, including women in children. Climbing through the window of Joseph and Sally Turner's house all was quiet. Still asleep in their beds, Nat took the first swing at Joseph's head and missed but another slave named Will came and killed the family before they knew what was happening. The night went on, sneaking up on other plantations and killing families before they knew what happened. Once day broke the word had gotten out about the revolution and most homes they came upon were found to be empty. By noon Nat's revolutionaries had murdered 60 whites, ironically though their leader Nat had only killed one white person. Rumors spread quick throughout Southampton, stories of their army numbered over 500 strong when in actuality there were only around 60. The whites began forming armies of their own to destroy Nat's revolution. To continue the revolution Nat felt they needed to storm Jerusalem, a town next to Southampton, but on the way they encountered one of the whites militias and Nat lost most of his army that he had formed. While trying
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