A Student Of A Disadvantaged Elementary School And Co Director And Mentor Essay

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As a student of a disadvantaged elementary school and co-director and mentor for Project F.A.M.E. (Fostering the Arts to Motivate Excellence) Summer Camp, I found that that low self-esteem and self-degradation accounts for many of the social and academic ills of black and low-income children. My aspiration to teach was first ignited by my desire to expose underprivileged black children to their African-American history and greatness (earlier on in their lives) — to dispel the narrative that black children are biologically inferior. I believe it is fundamental to reverse the psychological oppression that is often pre-ingrained into the minds and spirits of young (especially African-American) children. Expressly, I believe if children can understand and learn about their predecessors’ resilient and tenacious spirits, then they are inclined to gain a greater sense of self and perform better in academic environments. In another light, I yearn for an understanding of pedagogical strategies that births critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and a culturally aware people. Arguably, the purpose of education is comprised of four primary pillars that encourage the growth of a whole being so that he or she can fruitfully contribute to society; as an illustration, education seeks to foster the development of intellectual, social, economic, and political capacities. The school is a prominent “growth house” for children’s guided development and socialization. The most

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