A Student Of Art History Survey

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As a student of Art History Survey I, I need to complete a museum paper. I wondered if this paper is really a necessary assignment. I did not think of this paper as an assignment, but it as an opportunity to discover and experience great works of art which are certainly more dynamic and realistic than what I learned in the textbook. For my trip, I decided to visit the Dallas Museum of Art, one of the largest art museums in Texas. This museum is a valuable place where I can be immersed in the vast world of art. For the first time I came here, I was really surprised by its enormous space as well as how it organized the different works of art from different cultures. Therefore, it was not hard to find four different works of art which I was definitely impressed, and I picked four works of arts from four cultures: Chinese, Greek, Indian, and Egyptian. When walking through these fascinating exhibits, I truly enjoyed my time with them, and this trip will surely be one of the most memorable trip I have ever done. 1. Figure “Pair of Lokapala,” China, 618-907 CE This figure “Pair of Lokapala,” which was made of ceramic, came from China- a visual art. The first time I saw it, I could not stop staring at it because of its colorful and detailed decoration. This work of art depicted the heavenly guardians who would destroy devils and protect human peace. Both guardians have many similarities, like their arms are up, and their hands may be holding a weapon. They wear magnificent armor and
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